The Google Nexus 7 16GB model is now “Coming Soon” on The Google Play UK store.

The larger 16GB model was always going to be the most popular version considering the lack or microSD expansion or other expandable memory options, and it looks like demand has outstripped supply, at least for the moment.

google nexus 7 16gb sold out

Google’s 7” Android 4.1 reference tablet has been extremely popular, thanks to its great hardware and even greater price points. Check out my Nexus 7 review here for more information.

Anyone looking to purchase one now will need to put their email address in and be notified when stock becomes available again. Many online retailers chose to only stock the 16GB version, accelerating the shortage of this model and clearly Google’s thoughts that an 8GB model with storage in the form of its Cloud services seem to be less popular than it anticipated.