How Casinos Are Keeping Up With Technology

Given the dazzling array of technological advances made in recent years, it should come as no surprise that casinos are expending enormous efforts to integrate them into their operations or have already done so and are continuing to do so as new technologies appear on the market.

Computers and electronics can now be found in every aspect of casinos, helping to improve their functions while retaining the basic elements that make up casinos. Meanwhile, casinos are also beginning to extend their market reach through previously impossible mediums such as the Internet and newly ubiquitous mobile devices.

Casino Games and Security

Computers and electronic equipment have been heavily integrated into the traditional human-based security systems of casinos. These security measures can saturate every aspect of the casinos’ operations, from the moment that customers walk through their doors to the moment that they cash out before departure. Often, security measures begin with devices that can detect potential troublemakers that might enter the casinos.

For example, some casinos have adopted license plate readers hooked up to cameras that can read the license plates of passing cars and check them against internal databases. If the license plates match those of vehicles belonging to known troublemakers or problematic customers, those readers can alert human security to detain or refuse entry to such individuals. Similarly, some casinos have also implemented facial recognition technology that lets them do the same thing using the faces of people passing by. This measure is much more widely useful, but still has kinks and implementation problems to be worked out.

Other protection measures include, but are not limited to barcodes printed on cards that help casinos catch cheats, pattern recognition software that helps casinos pick up on more subtle cheating attempts, and RFID chips that can be used to track and verify casino chips.

Casinos have also made use of computers and electronic equipment to overhaul their games and attractions. The same technology used to catch cheats can also compile card information for the viewing convenience of players, while similar technology is used to display real-time results for customers interested in betting on sports. Similarly, many casinos have also replaced their old clunky mechanical slots machines with newer electronic models that run smoother and are less susceptible to tampering.

Internet and Mobile Device Marketing

Like so many other businesses, casinos have leapt at the chance to use the Internet and mobile devices to reach wider audiences than ever previously possible. Most have set up websites to help attract customers and have built social networking profiles that help bring together their online marketing presence. Casinos often use websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to communicate back and forth with their customers. They can make announcements and reach out to customers through social networking sites, while receiving feedback and complaints that need to be addressed.

Many casinos have replicated the efforts of other businesses in building up online communities of loyal customers through the usage of these and similar websites. Some casinos also supplement their online marketing efforts with marketing sent through mobile devices. Casinos are even beginning to accept mobile payment methods in order to increase the convenience to their customers.

A few casinos are also taking advantage of the Internet to set up online versions of their operations. Not all online gambling sites are created and run by casinos, but those that are help casinos provide their services to customers scattered across much wider geographic regions than otherwise possible and tap into bigger markets.


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