The Nexus 7 was announced back at Google I/O and sales since launch have been extremely popular, with the 16GB model selling out shortly after release,

You can read my Nexus 7 review and thoughts on our site, but one of the main things people have been waiting for is to see what accessories become available for it beyond the single case available on Google Play.

The site Nordic Hardware today claims to have uncovered slides detailing the upcoming Nexus7 accessories, which it has published online.

The slides show a dock making use of the pogo connectors on the side of the Nexus7, a Premium Cover and a Travel Cover.

The Dock shows a release date of 24th August and a price of $49.99 which should be about £35 in real money. It has a microUSB connector for charging and a 3.5mm jack for providing audio out, but there is no mention of an HDMI out connector. The dock has been made to “perfectly-angle” your Nexus 7 for “better movie and photo viewing, browsing, and email.”

The covers in Premium and Travel options, with the Premium offering leather casing with a glass-fibre “bumper” rear for added protection. It comes in 4 colours shown on the slide.

The Travel Cover is like the rubber/plastic existing one currently available but in a range of additional colours totalling 6.

Nexus 7 Premium Cover

Nexus 7 Travel Cover

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Source: Nordic Hardware

Written By: Rob Gordon

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