Many of us have already become dependent on smartphones. With these phones we not only get to communicate with our contacts right away; we also get instant access to various online programs that we use for work, social engagement, and many other purposes. In essence, through smartphones, we get to carry our online world everywhere we go.

One of the best features of smartphones is that they can be installed with different apps which we use to access the programs we tinker with online. There are apps that allow us to check our emails, log on and update our social networks, play games, and even track geographic locations. However, there are also apps that are specially designed to help us get organized with our stuff. With these apps, attending to work obligations, assignments, personal appointments and other tasks become easier to handle, as you know where to check them out without getting confused along the way.

Using such smartphone apps are helpful especially for people who treat their phones and computers as their virtual office desks. These apps keep our online projects from getting cluttered and messy, and also they help speed up our working pace. But since there are many apps that have been made available to serve the same purpose, which ones prove to be the most useful?

If you are still for ways to organize your virtual life using your smartphone, then you may want to check how these apps can be of great use:

1. LastPass

LastPass is a simple app that provides a very important role in any smartphone user’s life: it stores all your passwords in just one place. Through this app, you are saved from repeatedly logging in to the accounts that you frequently open, such as email, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites that require secure access. This helps a lot because you don’t have to remember all your passwords each time you log in using your phone; you likewise get to avoid the “login access fail” scenario, which can be very frustrating for many users.

LastPass works on all types of smartphones, including iPhone, Symbian, Android, Blackberry and Windows, as well as on different browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.

LastPass is available in iTunes or Google Play.

2. Evernote

Evernote is a useful app especially for students and people who happen to be voracious readers. Through Evernote you have the place to store your .pdf files, such as papers, e-books, etc. You can keep them at the appropriate folders so you won’t be confused when looking for the items that you want to read.

Evernote is available in iTunes or Google Play.

3. ReQall

Meanwhile, if you are having a hard time remembering the things you have to do for the day, then you might want to utilize the powers of your smartphone, and you can do this via ReQall.

“Capture before you forget: Save your ideas, to-do lists and things to remember by voice or text. Or use email, IM, and more.”

This app works as a priority checklist reminder, so you know the things you have to do, at the right place and time.

ReQall not only lists tasks, but also emails, IMs and phone numbers, in case you have many online and mobile appointments to attend to.

ReQall is available in iTunes or Google Play.

4. Timr

Do you want to keep track of your work sessions even while you’re out of office? If in case you handle most of your work online and use your phone to monitor the time you spend on these tasks, then you will definitely like Timr. This app allows you to set a time monitor for your work obligations while you’re on the go. You won’t have issues when rendering work hours as you can check out accurate logs via this app.

Timr is available in iTunes or Google Play.

5. Pageonce

Do you usually suffer from migraines because of the multiple bills that you receive each month? Well, it’s common to forget about due dates and deadlines because of a hectic schedule, but that’s no excuse for you to miss out on payments.

Pageonce then serves as your personal assistant when it comes to organizing your bills, such as credit card dues, utility payments, and loan deadlines, thus you are kept reminded on when to pay, and how much to pay.

Pageonce is very useful because it also stores information about how much you spend on each of your bills. You can rely on this app when making personal inventories, and as well as in planning your monthly budget..

PageOnce is available in iTunes or Google Play.

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