Marks & Spencer have adopted contactless payments in their 25 busiest stores in London according to The Guardian.

The service, provided by payment processor Streamline and Visa Europe, lets customers buy items for with a simple touch that cost less than £20.

marks and spencer westfield store london

Mark Austin, head of contactless at Visa Europe, said:

We now have over 21m contactless cards in circulation in the UK, and we are excited to add Marks & Spencer to the list of retailers accepting contactless payments in all of their stores.

Companies like McDonalds and Orange have been spearheading the rollout of contactless payments in the UK service industry, but this is the first major retail chain to introduce the technology. The service was introduced after a trial in selected shop in busy locations such as railway stations, and should shortly be rolling out to all stores across the U.K.

Via: The Guardian