Mobile Phones Of The Future

Mobile phone technology has made significant advances in the past few years, with the latest generation of smartphones like the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus offering superfast Internet access, HD screens and video playback, digital cameras, apps and major processing power. However, what will some of the key features of mobile phones be in the future, both in terms of usability and how they relate to the body? While many of these phone concepts may not see the light of day, they indicate how much smartphone technology is set to develop in the near future.


Mobile phone commerce is becoming one of the major ambitions of phone and other companies, which want smartphones to become a one stop way to shop online, as well as a way of paying for items in stores. An integrated e-wallet would remove the need for credit cards and cash payments, and suggest a future where people will not need physical currency to make transactions. Google have been one of the leaders in this movement with their Google Wallet prototype, with other companies hoping to draw future revenue streams from fees for contactless payments.

Concept Phones

Some of the more experimental phones that have been appearing at trade shows and labs in the past year or so have included the Nokia 888 Communicator, the Nokia Eon, and the iPhone ‘Pro’. The Nokia 888 has liquid batteries, in recognition of the need for longer charge life, and is designed as a flexible touchscreen phone that can be comfortably wrapped around your wrist.

Other concepts like the Nokia Aeon provide the benefit of an ultra thin size and touchscreen. Concepts for the iPhone ‘Pro’ have also experimented with connecting a smartphone directly to a top of the range digital camera, while rumoured developments for the iPhone 5 and beyond include a ‘Magic Mouse’ scrolling function, and advanced retina display features.

Nano TechNanotechnology could, potentially at least, transform how we use phones. Nano technology could primarily help to improve battery life by switching from traditional batteries to high powered, phase-change materials that are made up of tiny nanotubes. These batteries could draw their energy from solar power, and could last for weeks and months, rather than days. Nano tech could also be used to configure more specialist micro-microphones in phones that are sensitive to different sound ranges, and can be fitted within smaller devices.

Heads Up Displays

‘Project Glass’ has long been in development at Google’s X laboratory, and represents just one of many ongoing efforts to harness Heads Up Displays (HUDs) for smart phones. A HUD represents a virtual screen that appears through glasses in front of you, and can allow you to interact with messages and information on your surroundings. Versions of the technology can already be found in some car and earlier plane models and, if successful, could mean that more features of a phone are integrated into realtime viewing, or augmented reality systems.

Multi Components and Biometrics

Other potential changes to phones in the future may include the interface for a phone being broken down and synchronised through various devices and cloud software. In this way, HUD glasses might combine with a small interface on a wristband, and will remove the need for handsets altogether. Moreover, biometric chips might be implanted into the body, which could provide alerts to medical services over illnesses before they become more serious. The same technology may also be used for GPS tracking.

Author Bio: Liam Ohm is a writer passionate about future technologies. He recommends Rapid Electronics as the place to visit for all your electrical must-haves.


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