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Review: Samsung Galaxy Beam In Action

The Samsung Galaxy Beam is a nifty new handset which not only packs a punch when it comes to power, durability and functionality, but also houses a handy projector. The Beam sets itself apart from other ordinary mobiles thanks to its extra special add-on, but you may be asking when would you actually use the built-in projector?

Well, after having a good tinker with it, we found that it actually came in quite handy on many occasions. Here’s the lowdown on a selection of situations where the Sammy Beam lent a helping hand.

Music video at a party

So, you’re at a house party and really want to show some mates your favourite band’s new music video. With the Galaxy Beam it’s easy peasy – simply find the video on YouTube then project it directly onto the wall. No need for messing around with HDMI cables or fiddling with a desktop PC, the Beam can do it all and it does it fast. The 15 Lumens projector does an adequate job of creating sharp and colourful images that will do your fave band’s video justice.

Presentation at a business meeting

At work and need to show your boss the business plan you’ve done for a project? The Visual Presenter function allows the user to project the view from the phone’s camera lens in real-time, handily beaming whatever is down on paper onto a wall or blank surface. Say you had some notes or a chart you wanted to share with colleagues; just position the camera lens over the information and project it for all to see. Cool eh?

Holiday snaps at a family gathering

The Beam is also ideal for those family get-togethers when you want to whip out your phone and shows off all the snaps you took on your latest vacation. Pics taken with the Beam’s 5 megapixel camera are crisp and clear, and of a really good quality, so not only will you be able to use the Beam to take the snaps, but you’ll be able to use it to inflict them upon your family when you next meet up. Users can also project 720p video recordings of holiday moments that have been captured using the handset, so whether it’s still images or moving pictures you want to present, the Beam steps up to the mark.

Sending the kids off to sleep while babysitting

This wondrous little device also has something called Ambience Mode, which offers projections of pictures and animations combined with some soothing music, and is said to be an ideal night time aid for children. Simply set up the pre-loaded projections and music on the handset then beam the whole thing onto a ceiling or bedroom wall. The kids will be off in the land of zeds before you can gently hum the first verse of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

These are just a selection of situations when the Samsung Galaxy Beam could get one over on a traditional smartphone. Far from being a fad phone, the Beam’s gimmicky gadget enhances the handset and turns an already solid all-rounder into a niche device that catches the eye and is useful in more ways than you could imagine.

This is a guest post by Abbi Cox of Phones 4u – the number one high street destination for contracts from Orange, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, and Virgin Media. 

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