Some Facts about Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not new. They were introduced ages ago with monochrome technology. The first form of a cell phone used for basic texting was pager with 2-way communication and with WAP and 3G access. After that, the concept of cell phones came to the market hen the need of communication rose. Philippines and China nowadays are known for using cell phones for the major text sending purpose. Their users send around 1.4 and 2.7 billion texts everyday on an average respectively. In the 1990’s where Philippines had the largest ratio of the text messaging, the country was known as the text capital of the world. In other countries, the cell phones are also being used for other purposes like camera usage, Wi-Fi access, media files, entertainment and internet usage as well.

Mobile phone facts

Some of the facts that you should know about the mobile phones and their usage are as follows:

  1. At first the text messages were sent free of cost form all the telecom servers. However, with the popularity of this feature in cell phones, price was imposed on them, starting from Filipinos who had the largest text messaging frequency in the 1990’s.
  2. FriedHelm a communications researcher enabled the pages in text messages with 160 characters per message. First, he developed messages on his typewriter randomly by completing a context in one text message. All text messages fell under pr equal to 160 words.
  3. Siemens SL45 was the first cell phone with a battery time for music play back, of 5 hours with one charge of the battery. It came with 32 MB memory. It was equipped with MMC card and head phones as well.
  4. The Sonim XP 3300 was defined as the most tough of all phones by the Guinness book of World Record. It was dropped from 84 feet on a concrete floor without any damage to its functionality. It is also the best phone to be used under water. Water does not harm it at all. This was the toughest of all gadgets ever made as well.
  5. iPhone for Stuart Hughes is the most expensive of all the cell phones in the world. It is priced in 500,00$ and has rose gold and diamond make. There is a 7.4 ping cut diamond on its top.
  6. Phillip Kahn is known to develop the first cell phone with a camera in 1997. He sent pictures from his cell phones in 1997 from the maternity ward to his family as his first child- a daughter was born.
  7. Nokia 1110 is the most bought cell phone with a sale of over 4 billion all around the world. this is due to its reliable use and low price
  8. Nokia born in 1865 was a major paper making company at that time. After many years, it started to make rubber products, telegraph wires and other electric stuff. In the last century, it supplied war equipment for communication to Finnish. Nokia’s first mobile phone came to markets in 1980.


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