There have been numerous iPhone5 rumours and leaks in the last few months, as there always are before any Apple announcement. At this point I’d be quite surprised if next Wednesday the next iPhone didn’t look exactly like the image below. There have been many images and rumours detailing different parts and design of the next iPhone, but they’ve all consistently pointed to something that looks like the visuals below.

The revised smaller dock connector, cable, the larger screen, the thinner design, all pretty much suggest something that looks like this, and these images, via, give us the most detailed look yet.


Again, this is all speculation, rumour, FUD, call it what you will. But if this is the next iPhone5 will it be enough to appease those who have been calling for a design make-over since we first saw the iPhone4S.

Sure, it’s taller and a tiny bit thinner, but it looks pretty much the same? If the rear metal/glass combo is correct (which I think looks pretty ugly) then that’s a more dramatic change I guess, but like two cars just before and after a model refresh, you wouldn’t struggle to tell them apart. I’m still hankering for something worth of an Apple redesign, like the leap from the iPhone3GS to the iPhone4. I don’t want something improved, I want something New.

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure what you’re seeing above is what we’ll see next Wednesday.

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