iMore has done a nice iSight camera comparison between the new iPhone5 and the previous iPhone4S.

But what was the improvement in the camera in the new iPhone5? Certainly Apple didn’t spend too long discussing it during the launch event. Taking a look at the Apple site for the comparison specs of the two devices doesn’t help much either. The specs are identical.

iphone5 camera versus iphone4s camera

Apple did say the new iPhone5 has better low light capability and improved HDR taking, but is this all software based? How does this translate into actual photographic comparison.

iMore found that although photos on the 5 do look more vivid, this is largely due to the improved display with 44% greater colour saturation. When comparing actual photographs side-by-side you’ll see its a struggle to tell the difference between images taken on the 4S and the 5.


The conclusion? The is a marginal improvement in the photos taken with the iPhone5 over the 4S, but don’t let the camera be your primary reason for upgrading – it isn’t worth it.

Source: iMore

Written By: Tech on the Go Staff

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