MacRumors reader Michael Rou has posted a photo that allegedly shows the cases for upcoming Apple devices compared to existing noes.

The image below, as described, shows the cases for the New iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone5 and iPhone4S overlaid onto each other.

michael rou iphone5 ipadmini and newipad cases overlaid for comparison

The cases have been made by case manufacturers, and whilst obviously still speculation, they are based on leaks and samples from various manufacturers producing the new devices on behalf of Apple.

The image demonstrates the relative size of each device, again based on the rumours / leaks seen so far. The cases point to the iPad Mini keeping the same 4:3 aspect ratio (AR) as the existing iPad.

The iPhone 5 should launch at Apples event in San Francisco tomorrow, while the iPad Mini is believed to be coming at its own launch event in October, shortly before Microsoft fully launch Windows 8 and their Windows Surface RT tablet.

Source: Michael Rou Flickr account