4 Types of People Who Benefit the Most from a VPN

A VPN is the most effective way to bolster security when the user is not physically connected to a network. There are a growing number of people who are taking advantage of this technology to increase their online security, protect their privacy, and bypass censorship. While everyone would benefit from a VPN, there are 4 types of people who gain the most from leveraging this technology on a consistent basis.

Students and People Who Work Remotely

Students and people who work remotely share many characteristics. They are constantly on the move, are in a high-risk demographic for data theft, and have sensitive information on their devices. These characteristics make them an ideal group of individuals who benefit from using a VPN. They all connect to multiple Wi-Fi hotspots throughout an average week and use cloud-based online tools and services. Using a VPN eliminates the most common risks associated with relying on multiple Wi-Fi hotspots and constantly accessing cloud-based online tools and services. A VPN accomplishes this by creating an encrypted data stream to prevent data sniffing and malicious code injection.

People Who Are Constantly on the Move

People are busier than ever and mobile devices make managing daily activities simpler. While mobile devices are incredibly convenient, they also present a unique set of risks. It doesn’t matter if the user is traveling across town, across the country, or internationally; they rely heavily on Wi-Fi connections to stay online. A VPN is the most effective protection technology for Wi-Fi hotspots. It is irresponsible to rely on the owner of the Wi-Fi router to establish effective security measures, especially if it is a free service. A VPN is an easy way for people who are constantly on the move to take control of their own digital safety.

People Who Consider Online Privacy to Be Their Highest Priority

It seems like there is a new headline every week related to security and privacy issues related to the internet. A growing segment of the population is placing a greater emphasis on privacy than ever before. These people understand the benefits of creating a secure tunnel with an encrypted data stream and rely on a VPN to play a critical role in their privacy protection strategy.

People Who Sync Multiple Mobile Devices

One of the original problems with using multiple mobile devices was the difficulty of transferring information to every device. This was especially problematic for people who use smartphones, laptops, iPads, and their home computer in conjunction. The easiest way to overcome this issue is by syncing all of the devices together. Unfortunately, there is an inherent risk if all of the devices are being synced through a public Wi-Fi network. If a hacker gains access to an unsecure connection while all of the devices are being synced, they can take control of every device. A VPN connection is the only way to ensure every device is synced securely.

Everyone would benefit by making a Netherlands VPN connection part of their regular internet usage routine, but there are four specific groups of people which benefit the most. They include students/people who work remotely, people who are constantly on the move, people who place a high value on privacy and anyone who syncs multiple devices.

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