Batteries – we go through millions of them every year, and Duracell is kicking off a campaign aimed at making sure we get the most out of each one before throwing them away or recycling them. It might seem counter-intuitive for a battery company to be encouraging you to make longer use of your batteries, but it shows how much effort they’re putting into recycling and their commitment to ensure we don’t waste energy.

Duracell, together with Energy Saving Trust, told me that one third of all batteries thrown away may still have up to 67% of usable power still left inside them, which is a shocking figure.

High drain devices such as digital cameras and torches may indicate their batteries are dead when in fact they have plenty of power remaining for low drain devices like alarm clocks or television remote controls.

duracell low drain devices can still make use of drained batteries

As an example, check out this amazing video below which demonstrates how, using over 192 discarded batteries, they were able to light up a massive 6ft 3inch Duracell Bunny created by East London designer Dave Cranmer with 700 coloured LED lights.

To help prevent future batteries being sent to the recycling bin before their time is up, Duracell are promoting Duracell Ultra with Powercheck™ which have a handy powerstrip on the side telling you exactly how much power is left in your battery and making sure that you don’t throw it away too early.

Leigh Tomlinson, business leader at Duracell UK and Ireland, said:

Duracell batteries are designed to get high performance out of high-drain devices like digital cameras and out of frequently used devices such as MP3 players, remote control toys and video game controllers. The Powercheck function shows you how much power is left straight away, helping maximize power use and reduce wastage.

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