Google is updating their Google Wallet service bringing support for all your credit and debit cards.

new version of google wallet coming soon

Interestingly registering for information about the new version suggests support is coming for iOS devices. Currently relying on NFC technology to make Wallet work, it looks like Google might be bringing in support for QR codes or barcodes to make Wallet work on the iPhone5 and possibly older models which lack NFC hardware.

new version of google wallet may support iphone

If barcode support is added, its highly likely Google will try and get Wallet integrated into Apple’s Passbook, like Starbucks has done, which would provide quick and convenient access on the iPhone.

Of course its likely that Apple will add NFC at some point, when they feel the technology has evolved enough, and is cost effective to add into their devices, so its possible Google is merely registering interest ahead of an iPhone6 launch next year.