O2 and HTC are about to start trialling sending out new handsets without a charger in them. More details coming soon, but it looks like the service will be tied to a specific new handset that uses the now largely standard microUSB charging solution.

Our research shows the UK has more than 100 million chargers lying in drawers, tangled in cupboards and generally gathering dust.

The majority of new phones end up with the supplied charger being left in the box, with consumers opting to simply carry on using the previous one they had.

10 million chargers has about the weight of 1,000 London buses worth of components, with enough copper and plastic to wrap The O2 200,000 times, and all together occupy four Olympic swimming pools worth of landfill space.

Its good to see O2 making a commitment to less wastage and increased recycling, however )2 need to be aware that there are various models of microUSB chargers, with different ratings for individual handsets – i.e. not all handsets require the same amperage.

Apple is the main manufacturer notoriously absent from the microUSB standard, and despite bringing in adapters for its old 30pin dock connector last October they introduced a brand new lightning adapter on their new iPhone5 handset.

Source: O2 News