37% Of The UK’s 55+ Adults Own A Smartphone

New research from Teqno Logical suggests that UK adults are far more familiar with the latest technologies than previously thought.

Surveying 1268 people that were 55 and older about their awareness and usage of smartphones, more than 37% of them owned at least one smartphone. It also found out that 58.1% of UK adults have feature phones, and the number of those who didn’t own any mobile device at all was quite small – only 4.7%.

In terms of what mobile OS was most popular, the survey found that Android handsets (26.9%) and iPhones (21.4%) made up nearly half of the install base, with Symbian and Blackberry also scoring respectable results.

The majority of respondents used their phones for calls only (68%) with 18% pushing into text messaging, but only 9% surfing the internet on their devices.

Source: Teqno Logical

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