Announced back at the iPad Mini launch, iTunes 11 has been conspicuous by its absence. Initially slated for release at the end of October, this was pushed back to the end of November with rumours circulating that the software wasn’t ready for release as hoped.

The new version is supposed to be faster with a redesigned interface making it visually more like an iOS app and include iCloud integration.

Now, via a post on the MacRumors forum, Apple has apparently been telling music labels to prepare for the iTunes 11 launch “within the next days”. Grammatical stumbling’s aside it looks like Apple is finally ready to release iTunes 11 on a world largely disappointed with the bloated, unstable, ugly releases of iTunes to this point.

Lets hope this new version is all its promised to be.

Apple Tells Music Labels To Prepare For iTunes 11 Release Within The Next Days

Source: MacRumors