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Debenhams Launches C.Vox Sound System In A Jacket

Debenhams have today launched a new ranges of jackets with an integrated speakers, headphones and control system. Designed by C.VOX (Communiqué Vox) the range has some traditional style jackets and a more modern gillet (body warmer).

In an internal pocket is a connector which is “compatible with all mobile phones and MP3 players” (its a standard headphone jack) and keeps the device out of site.

There is a built in washable speaker, microphone and control system on the sleeve consisting of the standard play, pause and skip commands.

You can also answer/end calls but be aware these controls are not compatible with all devices.

The earphones are wired through the jacket and concealed in the collar to avoid any unnecessary tangling, they’re black too which I prefer.

The new fashion of bright white headphones stand out and make it obvious you’ve got an electronic device on your person somewhere.


Aside from being a nifty way of merging technology with fashion, Debenhams point out that it also has a practical purpose. Data from LV Insurance suggests that in the first eight months of this year, 264 mobile phone thefts were reported each day (a 7% increase from last year) so keeping your expensive iPhone or Android handset out of site is a wise decision.

Paul Baldwin, Head of Menswear Buying says;

We are thrilled to be offering such an innovative product to our customers. The range incorporates fashion, technology and practicality at a competitive price.

It is the perfect, safety conscious way to conceal gadgets whilst still being able to freely use them in public, it’s the must have item for any commuter.

The jacket launches in stores and online today and prices range from £33 for children and from £68 for the mens padded gillet to £84 for the full jacket.

The jackets are available in either soft padded, or waxed varieties.

>> View the C.Vox jacket range on the Debenhams online store

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