Ear infections are one of the most common illnesses of children. Based on the Journal Academy of Pediatrics 93% of children before they reach age 7 are can suffer from ear infection. In the United States alone, the record shows that there are 30 million visits to Pediatricians yearly mostly due to ear infections. It’s alarming to note that an ear infection that is not treated properly will create fluid build-up that will gradually lead to loss of hearing and possible tube implantation. It is indeed very much advisable to monitor the child’s ear condition earlier to avoid surgical procedures for the young ones.
Generally, smartphones help people in various ways such as in having fast and easy communication with contacts, tracking people, entertainment, browsing, setting appointments and memos. Updating status in social media,posting memorable photos, running business fast and easy and a lot more can also be done with the aid of these telecommunication gadgets.
It is pretty surprising to note that a starter first aid kit called CellScope and smartphone developers are developing a certain feature that can diagnose infection in the middle ear. The developers desire to come up with a multifunctional smartphone. Having this first aid kit feature in an iPhone is truly a necessary addition to all the available smartphone functionalities.
According to Forbes.com there is a simple attachment into the phone to transform it into a usefulotoscope. The peripheral attaches on the top section of an iPhone will provide 10 times magnification to capture images inside the middle ear. Taking it nearer the ear canal of a child can already capture the condition of the ear. The actual picture of the middle ear can be uploaded using CellScope’s web platform. Your trusted doctor or pediatrician will assess the severity of the ear condition before actual diagnosis and proper medication will then be prescribed – even without visiting the doctor’s clinic.
Furthermore, given the benefits of rapidly changing technology, parents can easily consult the doctor anytime using the patient’s medical records recorded electronically. The doctor can easily locate and track the medical history of the patient by just clicking on the patient’s records from childhood. Medical history is vital for the doctors for them to determine easily the susceptibilities of the recurring ear infections.
Erik Douhglas, co-founder and CEO of Cellscope told Forbes that the concept of CellScope is to involve the parents and even the patient to be responsible and have more control as far as healthcare is concerned for the family. Early this year, pediatricians in Atlanta and in the Bay Area are already using the device. Fortunately at this point of writing, the clinical testing is positively in progress in terms of the CellScope’s accuracy.
Taking into consideration that most people around the globe are using smartphones nowadays, it is a great opportunity to upgrade the technology into a more beneficial gadget better than flexispy to aid in creating a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the technology of CellScope is not only concentrated on detecting ear infections alone.They are also looking forward in bringing the iPhone-CellScope merging into more professional healthcare tools – for the convenience of iPhone users. Probably 5 years from now, smartphone microscopes will be out in the market to diagnose tuberculosis and dermascope iphones to diagnose skin allergies.
Elena Grace Flores is an online blogger and health enthusiast with extensive business experience as a self-made entrepreneur. She studied Pharmacy but her humanitarian interests drove her to seek certifications from various fields that enabled her to become a healthcare, livelihood and technology consultant – dealing with special features like flexispy.