How To Watch BBC iPlayer From Outside The UK

The Internet is a surprising tool for everyone nowadays. This is because it is ubiquitous and I readily available to use without any installation or settings. With the help of the internet, you can search for anything and absolutely everything and the cost of online transaction for information is free. However, the internet has something that can teach us bad and good. Hindering the internet services for a good cause like for example, use by children to search for stuff they should not, is good. Apart from this, sometimes, in countries like UK, Asian and Eastern areas, services from some online brands like BBC, CNN etc. may be banned. Proxy settings from communication authorities in a country may not allow the access to such websites out of some reason. That is where the idea of VPN service comes. It is easy to use and buy and it is not at all expensive as well.

Outside UK, for example, now the online TV and radio streaming is banned from BBC iPlayer. You cannot access the website and do any online streaming however, if you buy VPN services or software, you may be able to bypass the proxy settings. As this online BBC service is available for UK citizens, you will have to use UK VPN based services from a good VPN service provider, or software. I know it is hard as I am a big fan of it as well. Therefore, I use similar tactics too. It is easier to use VPN and access all the sites you work on, or entertain yourself with. Let me tell you a bit, about how VPN works.

How it works

Usually when you buy a VPN software or service, it helps you mask the proxy you are using on your computer/tablet. All you need to do, is to make sure while you connect to the internet, you have the software/service for VPN running. After that, when you want to access the UK based iPlayer from BBC, all you need is to select the required IP from VPN (UK based). As VPN is a private, you can only access virtual network, your information that goes over the internet. Your passwords and login details will be secure only to you and no one else.

Illegal v legal

Now you must be thinking if this is illegal, right? Well, when the media companies block and do not let citizens view sites like iPlayer for example; many businesses must be at stake, which use such programs to run half of their companies. For example, in some countries, there may be a blockage of YouTube at some time, and it is impossible for SEO workers to use videos from the site. VPN comes into action at this time. For ethical and business reasons, it is good that a VPN is used. However, making use of the VPN services for negative purposes are not good, and should not be promoted as well.

Author bio:

This guest post is written by Muhammad Azam who is a technology guest blogger. He has written on several technology topics such as UK VPN, best VPN uses, etc. If you are looking to buy VPN services or software then read his article for guidelines.


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