Hundreds Of Top University Video Lectures Available For Free Through Mobento’s New Android Smartphone App

Mobento, the video learning website is launching an Android app that allows people to watch over 600 selected video lectures, for free, on their smartphones.

Aimed at the knowledge-hungry and the curious, the app will allow people to watch video lectures from the world¹s leading universities and institutions including Yale, Stanford, Khan Academy, TED and even Nasa.

The Mobento app will allow users to study up, wherever they are, on range of topics. So if they¹re looking for tips on setting up a start-up or are interested in finding out how the Mars Rover is powered, there are video lectures on a wide range of topics for people to watch, while on the go ­ to perfect way to do some background reading to help make a good impression.

To help navigate the hundreds of videos and find relevant sections from talks, Mobento has taken its ground-breaking spoken-word search technology and created a mobile-friendly version of it for the Mobento app.

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