Man Builds Real Transformer Robot 1/12 Scale

A man at Brave Robotics a Japanese based company have put together a 1/12 scale remote controlled Camero can which fully transforms into a walking robot that will be officially presented next weekend at the Maker Faire Tokyo 2012.

Controlled by a PS3 controller the car drives forward and backward and has working steering. At the press of a button it transforms and stands up as a robot which can then walk, move its arms and fire small missiles from its arms.

It even includes a WiFi dash cam allowing you to remotely monitor what the robot is seeing (targeting).

As you can expect feedback is overwhelming with many people adding the yet to be mass-produced toy to their wish lists! The toy will be put into production but no price has been confirmed yet.

Check out the video below for the impressive demonstration!

Via: HobbyMedia

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