Vodafone UK now have the new(er) iPad “with Retina” (4th generation) available on contract.

Announced alongside the iPad Mini, the 4th generation iPad has a faster processor and updated lightning connector.

All iPad plans are a 24 month commitment with 2GB of data per month and cost £27 per month. The up-front cost for the device is £99 for the 16GB version, £179 for the 32GB version and £259 for the 64GB version.

Overall the device charges are less than they had for the 3rd generation iPad which is an improvement, for example the TCO for a 3rd Gen iPad 16gb was £847 but for the 4th Gen its only £747.

Vodafone also still have the earlier iPad2 available for the same monthly prices and £69 up-front.

New iPad With Retina Now Available On Vodafone

>> Buy online at the Vodafone store.