Following on from their successful Smoked by Windows Phone campaign, where Ben Rudolph challenged every day users to complete specific tasks on their phones faster than he could do on a Windows 7 Phone, a similar campaign has been set up for Windows Phone 8.

The official Meet Your Match website again shows Ben travelling round the US showing various people how his Windows 8 handset can perform every day tasks like posting a photo to Twitter, or sending an SMS to a group of friends more quickly than their own phone can.

You can check out some of the examples in the video below:

You can see the full list of videos on the Meet Your Match YouTube channel, they make for some interesting viewing if you’re not familiar with Windows Phone 8. If you fancy trying out Windows Phone 8 try the personalised demo available here.

These challenges are always useful at introducing the new Windows OS to people, and showing them there is an alternative to the two front runners of iPhone and Android handsets, and offer a different perspective from the full blown television adverts.

The visual impact of the Live Tiles should attract many users away from the 6 year old iOS ‘grid layout’ and the sometimes over-complicated multiple homescreen/widget combo of Android.