Introducing Memoto – a lifelogging camera that automatically take photos as you go. From a team of Swedish entrepreneurs, this postage-sized device takes a snapshot every 30 seconds of your life and stores it to an encrypted cloud service.


Starting off on its campaign in Kickstarter, the project is set to pique the interest of many tech-savvy people. Pledging to the project will give rewards starting from updates to a 3-day workshop in Stockholm.

The 36x36x9mm device captures 5 megapixel resolution images every 30 seconds. If fully-charged, its built-in rechargeable battery can last up to two days. It’s 8GB flash memory can store up to two days of continuous picture taking or an estimate of 4000 images along with its battery life. It also has a Micro-USB port for charging and connecting to a PC.

Memoto is integrated with GPS which logs the time and position of where the picture was taken. There’s also an app for Android and iPhone where you can view the pictures.

Uploading pictures to Memoto’s servers are automatic whenever the camera is connected to a PC. You can store an indefinite amount of images in an encrypted data storage. It’s set in private mode only, sharing your pictures in social networks is all up to you.


The design and structure of the device proves to be difficult with its size. The developers are being challenged with how everything will fit in its small frame. Financial issues also seem to be an issue. With the help of Kickstarter, the project may be funded for the production of the first commercial Memoto Camera. People who pledge will get this device for a lower price of $199 plus a choice of color among Arctic White, Graphite Gray, and Memoto Orange.

Memoto is a very useful device in preserving memories. Mobility is now a trend with how well tablet PCs are selling well in the market. With a more portable device documenting real time events, Memoto’s features are very promising. If development achieves great results, the device will be slated for release February next year.

Check out more details in the video below:

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