These days a mobile phone no longer simply ‘does what it says on the tin’. An overhaul in the mobile phone industry has introduced the consumer to its new best friend – the smartphone.

A smart phone is an all singing, all dancing device that consolidates all of your technological needs into one hand held phone-come-super gadget with capabilities that go far beyond anything we could have imagined only five years ago.

If you keep telling yourself that you just want a simple mobile to be used only for calling and texting then it is time to drag yourself into the 21st century where communication is key, and anyone who is anyone has a Facebook page or Twitter account. Resistance is futile so get on board and embrace this new technology available at your fingertips.

When you finally decide to take the plunge, you will find that smartphones aren’t as scary as they first appear; manufacturers are continually working to create user-friendly interfaces and specifications that make accessing your social media accounts easy.

One of the best handsets for social media is unquestionably the Apple iPhone. Not only does it have a 4″ screen which makes reading emails easy but it offers Wi-Fi and internet capabilities and places much importance in developing its social networking features.

Users can access each social media account with ease; just the tap of a finger on the downloaded app straight from your homepage will allow you to access the accounts, upload pictures, comment on a status, change your location and other features that will convert even the most technology shy into a social media whizz.

Don’t get left behind in the communications race with a phone from; keep in touch with your family and friends and reconnect with old friends and colleagues without having to find a computer to do it. Social media from your smart phone couldn’t be easier.