A Cheaper Way To Get A Lightning Cable

If like me you upgraded straight away to your new iPhone5 or iPad Mini you’ll have been converted over to use Apples new lightning adapter rather than the older 30pin style connecter used up until now.

I had chargers for my iPhone everywhere, two at home, one at work, one in the car, and one in my bag. Dropping to just one was a nightmare, but the Apple 30Pin adapter cable is £30 and the straight adapter is £25! New lightning connector cables were £15 but not in stock anywhere initially (better now).

Third party manufacturers are starting to come out with accessories and chargers now, but they’re not cheap either – typically Apple prices or worse!

Anyway, a cheap alternative is to simply buy the microUSB adapter for £15 and use an old USB to microUSB cable that virtually everyone must have sitting around spare?

I prefer this too because it lets me carry one ‘cable’ for two uses, the lightning connector for my iPhone5 and now iPad Mini, and the microUSB when I need to charge my MiFi or my wife’s Blackberry.

>> Buy an official microUSB to Lightning Adapter from Apple Store UK.

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