Review: Ferrari Cavallino T350 Tan Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

We received in a pair of the Ferrari Cavallino T350 active noise cancelling (ANC) headphones for review, and I immediately jumped on them as I love headphones and am always interested in trying new ones out.

The quality of these headphones is apparent the moment you start unboxing them. Apple may have introduced the concept of enhancing the experience of opening a new device, but Logic3 the manufacturers have certainly embraced it.

The external box shows the headphones side-on and the officially licensed “prancing horse” is prominent on the side of the headphones and, along with the Ferrari brand at the top, leaves you in no doubt as to the manufacturer.

ferrari cavallino t350 headphones - outer box

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The Logic3 Cavallino Collection are the muted, more stylish, range compared to the brighter more aggressive Scuderia collection. The T350s come in Black and Tan accent colours.

Sliding up the external casing reveals the internal box, with a large red square showing the Ferrari logo again and the Logic3 branding.

ferrari cavallino t350 headphones - inner box

Inside the box is the hard carry case, again showing the Ferrari logo and with a mock carbon-fibre effect. There is a nice handle on the top side encouraging you to walk around proudly displaying it.

ferrari cavallino t350 headphones - carry case

The headphones themselves look fantastic. The headband and ear cups are constructed of comfortable leather, beige in this case but there is a black option too. The arms are a solid brushed metal look, but the end caps that they protrude out of are plastic which is a shame.

The headphones don’t fold, which might be a problem for some if space is tight. Personally I view hinges as another piece that might break, and the supplied carry case does a great job of protecting the headphones if a little bulky. The T350s really aren’t the ‘throw in a bag’ sort anyway – at their price point they should be treated with care!

ferrari cavallino t350 headphones - close up

Each headphone contains a “high efficiency” 40mm driver with “ultra soft” ear pads which are extremely comfortable in use, even over extended periods – something that often undoes other headphones. They feature a Closed-back design which seals in the noise and minimises ambient sound loss.

The right side has the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) on/off button and a large mute button that mutes all sound when pressed.

ferrari cavallino t350 headphones - active noise cancelling on off button

The left side twists off and contains the 2 x AAA batteries (included) for the ANC circuitry. Both side caps have the Ferrari prancing horse logo prominently displayed.

ferrari cavallino t350 headphones - battery compartment

The T350’s come with all the cables and connectors you could possibly want.

  • Straight 3.5mm cable for use with an MP3 player
  • 3.5mm with 1 button remote and mic for use with Android and Windows Phone handsets
  • 3.5mm cable with 3 button remote and mic for use with Apple iPhone or iPod Touch devices, allowing you to answer/end calls, and skip forward/backwards and play/pause music.
  • 3.5mm to 6.3mm (1/4 inch) jack adapter
  • Airplane dual adapter

All the cables have a soft “woven fabric” design to improve durability and reduce the likelihood of the cable snagging or tangling.

ferrari cavallino t350 headphones - cables and accessories

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

The Active Noise Cancelling on these headphones is amazing. Wearing them and turning on ANC with nothing playing dramatically reduces the external noise of whatever environment you’re in. Everything is muffled and it very cleverly removes virtually all the bass notes from whatever sound you do hear, rendering it unobtrusive. It really is remarkable and noticeably enhances the audio quality. In noisy environments like the train or walking through a town centre it makes a marked difference to the amount of external noise you can hear, and its a shame I didn’t have an opportunity to test them on an airplane where I think they would really be the best suited of any headphones I’ve used to date.

The only drawback with these headphones and their implementation of ANC is that with it off absolutely no sound comes through the headphones at all. So if your batteries run out on a trip and you don’t have any spares, no more headphones. This seems a significant limitation and I would of expected Logic3 to simply fall back to normal headphone usage if there wasn’t sufficient power for the ANC function?

Audio Quality

As I’ve said above, the headphones sound great, and have a Frequency Response range of 20-20,000Hz.

Various test tracks played superbly across all music ranges with bass, mid range and treble all sounding excellent. Vocals and classical music are particularly well presented with a defined crispness that makes them a joy to listen to.

If I could fine one criticism it would be that the bass could be a little stronger, heavy bass tracks aren’t quite thumping in your ears the way some headphones manage, however with those they tend to lack the top end sharpness and I’ve rather have the balance across the range than ‘beefed up’ bass.

I haven’t got an estimated usage time for the AAA batteries yet, but the supplied set have lasted me fine for the 3 hours test time I’ve run them so far. Obviously turning off the ANC switch when you’ve finished listening is crucial, it doesn’t have an auto-off feature so will sit there running down the batteries until they die.


The T350 headphones retail at £299.00 online at stores like Selfridges but a whopping £358 from the official Ferrari online store. Various retail shops haven, including Apple stores, you can see a full list here.

£300 isn’t cheap for a pair of headphones, but they do sit shoulder to shoulder with the premium headphones by Beats Pro (which has no noise cancellation) and Sennheiser MM550-X both of which cost more at around £350.


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