Here’s a great video showing off how simple Windows 8 is to use by Microsoft Portugal. Asked if they’d like a small demonstration of Windows 8 in a Microsoft store, customers are greeted by a small child with a footstool who proceeds to demo Windows 8 to them, showing its features and highlighting its simplicity and easy of use.

Its a great example of some innovative marketing, and a neat (if slightly unexpected) way of showing how simple it is to use Windows 8.

Clearly the child has had some serious hands on time with Windows 8, as he’s flying through different Apps and options like a pro, but at the back of every customers mind must have been the old cliché “So simple…..”

The video has much of its focus simply on the face of the customers as they genuinely marvel at what’s being shown to them. And by whom. Make sure you hang on for the added joke at the end.