Back in November, Microsoft launched its Meet Your Match campaign, aimed at promoting the ease of use of its Windows Phone 8 handsets, a follow-on from the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign for Windows Phone7.

A recent blog update has confirmed the challenge is proving successful at raising awareness for Windows Phone 8 devices and demonstrating how easy the mobile OS is to use.

The campaign has so far met with over 75’000 people across the US, UK, France and Germany and “based on these head-to-head customer challenges, a whopping 88% of the people who took our post-challenge survey thought that Windows Phone was a better match for them than the phone in their pocket.”

You can see the many of these encounters on videos on the Meet Your Match YouTube channel.

This is an impressive feat, and should help raise awareness of the Windows Phone 8 platform, which really is excellent for the average user, with its fresh informative interface and easy to use menus and tiles.

Source: Windows Blog