2013: The Year Of 4G

In 2013, more network providers are looking to introduce 4G as standard. Currently available on EE, the launch has to date not been as successful as anticipated with major cities like Manchester still reporting problems, so users in small cities will be experiencing no major changes to their signal yet.

The benefits of 4G are primarily for high data users and as a reliable data stream away from Wi-Fi hot-spots, more people will be finding that their virtual worlds will be expanding over the next 12 months. From Facebook to YouTube, Spotify to BBC iPlayer, high data usage is very much in demand.

Soon to be available on underground systems in London and on the commute to work via train, with all this data connectivity available, the world is your oyster for communication and entertainment. Gone are the days of playing the basic Snakes game on the Nokia devices, with players able to access online gaming through Facebook apps or individual websites like Golden Bingo.

As mobile devices and tablets offer multiple browsers and apps, users can have their email open whilst checking the Twitter feed and listening to the radio. It has never been so easy to multi-task!

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