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Kingston Introduce First 1TB USB Drive


Well, finally Kingston brought it and ranked first in bringing the first 1TB (1024GB) USB (Thumbdrive) into the market. In the race to compact one tera-bytes of storage onto an usb, Kingston came first.

This gigantic usb space is coming at a price. Kingston has announced the release of the 512GB usb version in March with a price tag of £1000 (approx.) and its likely that you can double the price for the 1T B version. That’s a lot of money!

This drive is a lightweight but has an extreme performance that you want. It uses the connectivity of USB 3.0 and has a promised that read/write speed of 240Mbps and 160Mps respectively. No release date is set for the 1TB USB, but the company is said to be planning for Q1 of 2013. Well, I can’t wait for its release and want to know about the people response on it.

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