bloom mobile music serviceA new mobile music service has entered the fray, in an already cramped market filled with Deezer, Spotify, and more is there room for the new service? offers mobile only (web based streaming is coming) music streaming to iOS and Android (Beta at time of writing) devices with tiered plans allowing increasing amounts of music to also be stored on device for offline playback.

The free service offers free “radio” only, and then the paid subscriptions break down like this:

Bloom 20 – £1 / month
  • Free radio
  • Borrow & swap 20 tracks
Bloom 200 – £5 / month
  • Free radio
  • Borrow & swap 200 tracks
Full Bloom – £10 / month
  • Unlimited streaming
  • Unlimited radio
  • Borrow & swap unlimited tracks

These prices are for subscriptions on the website, if you sign up within the App each subscription is a couple of pounds more as you have to pay the mandatory Apple iTunes tax.


Otherwise, the unlimited subscription prices tie in with Spotify and Deezer Premium at the seemingly standard £10 / month mark.

Bloom plans tight social integration, at launch it supports sharing playlists and tracks through Facebook, with Twitter and to follow, this is a marginal improvement over Deezer which only links in with Facebook, and Spotify which links primarily with Facebook and some other more custom solutions like Songkick.

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