Pebble Smart Watch Starts Shipping – Albeit In Small Quantities

Pebble, the e-ink smart watch for iOS and Android, have kept to their word made during their CES2013 announcement, and begun shipping Pebble Smart watches today.

Due to shipping issues, a mere 500 will actually be sent today, but they promise this will ramp up fast toward their peak 2400 units manufactured per day.

Also, the iOS App is not released yet, it was submitted to Apple 2 weeks ago, but has yet to make it into the App Store. The Android version will be on Google Play tomorrow. Without the App the Pebble smart watch still functions for notifications and music control, but can’t be updated or custom watch faces installed.

Initially there is a mass production unit of the “black” watch bezel, which was by far the most popular colour ordered. They will then move onto producing other colours – this unfortunately means if you ordered a colour other than black, you’ll have a longer wait.

The developers are working on adding shipment tracking to to allow backers to check their shipping status from there, but that is not yet live.

Either way I’m looking forward to finally getting the Pebble in my hands, and look forward to the additional functionality they promise will be coming in the future.

Source: Pebble Update 30 on Kickstarter

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