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Pebble Smartwatch Confirm Shipping January 23rd

It seems ages ago now, but back in April 2012 I invested in the Pebble Smartwatch project on Kickstarter.

Now, finally after missing their original September shipping goal, Pebble have confirmed their watch is ready and will start shipping on January 23rd to all Kickstarter backers. For anyone who’s missed out on this the most funded project ever on Kickstarter, Pebble is an e-ink display watch that will connect via Bluetooth to your Android handset or iPhone and provide you with a range of information and control from managing the music that’s currently playing, to showing you the names of incoming callers to displaying your text messages to you and a whole host more.

As part of the announcement at CES2013, Pebble has confirmed that Pebble will:

  • Be water resistant to 5ATM, suitable for showering and swimming
  • Contain a Magnetometer to provide “compass-like functionality”
  • Ambient light sensors – allowing it to auto adjust the dispaly
  • Magnetic charging connector – to aid in the water resilience
  • Accelerometer – allowing you to activate the display with a flick of your wrist!

You can watch the video stream of the announcement here:

Pebble say they’re going to be releasing new software updates every 2-3 weeks after launch so hopefully Pebble will continue to improve and add new features as 2013 progresses.

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