Pixelate your Life with PIXEL: Interactive LED Art

Kickstarter has launched a slew of cool projects over the past year, and PIXEL: Interactive LED Art is one of the more interesting ones we’ve seen. It brings old-school pixels into the modern era as it allows you to display electronic pixel art right on your wall.

Imagine this… You have a nice ornate picture frame hanging on the wall, but instead of a Velvet Elvis it’s a light up pixelated scene from Super Mario Bros. PIXEL can handle that and a whole lot more as it’s basically one big animated light bright for your wall. The PIXEL display contains over 1,000 LEDs, and each of those LEDs is equal to one pixel with a resolution of 32×32. Needless to say it can put up some very cool images like the one you see below or the animated rain seen here.

What makes the PIXEL: Interactive LED Art setup really unique is the fact that you can control it with your Android device via Bluetooth. There are several Android apps already out with images and animations from talented PIXEL artists and there’s even a magic PIXEL 8-ball app that can work with the display. Did we mention that PIXEL has a proximity sensor behind its two way mirror? It does, and as PIXEL is open source you could do some very interesting things.

PIXEL’s creator Al Linke has raised around £15,781 out of his £5,000 goal and funding just started on January 8th. I think it’s safe to say people are excited to see this happen considering it still has around 44 days to go. As mentioned, you can get PIXEL with two different styles of frames or you can buy a PIXEL Guts set sans frame. PIXEL will be ready to go with Android as soon as it’s shipped, but folks with an i-device are going to have to wait a little longer.

If you plan on backing to receive a unit you had better hurry as all the lower tiered backing is sold out except for the Guts units. There are some higher level spots left for now, but only around 50 at the time of this writing. The first backer units are expected to ship in April; no word when PIXEL: Interactive LED Art will hit the retail shelves but it does it will set you back around $250.00/£157.00.

Kickstarter for PIXEL: Interactive LED Art

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