Review: Griffin Passport Case For iPad Mini

Griffin have always made great Apple accessory products. Being one of the first to produce authorised lightning accessories reinforced their close relationship with Apple, and so we expected their iPad Mini cases to share the same level of quality.

The Passport range of cases are simple but effective notebook style case that come in a range of designs and colours.

This Passport Varsity model gives a US University theme to the case. There is an elasticated band that folds over the back keeping the case closed, and is nicely reminiscent of moleskin notebooks.

The iPad Mini is held securely in place by four elasticated straps at each corner. The inner side of the case is a nice soft microsuede lining which protects the display of the Mini against scratches and also helps remove smudges and fingerprints from the screen.

The Passport case extends outside the dimensions of the Mini so you can be confident of dropping it in your bag without anything else in there making contact. I wouldn’t be so confident if the case were dropped – its not true “edge protection” but anything other than a direct corner drop should be ok.

There is a nice sized cut out on the rear of the case for the camera, and my tests showed this was clear in any test photos.

Overall I liked the case, my only negative is that it adds quite a bit of bulk to the svelte iPad Mini and somewhat takes away from its thin light appeal. It provides better protection than just a screen cover like Apple’s Smart Cover, but ideally it could be a bit thinner and not add such a feeling of heft.

The Passport of iPad Mini case isn’t available on the UK Griffin store yet, but should be soon. The Griffin US store has it available for $34.99 (approx £22). I did find one UK supplier – – listing it for £23.80.

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