Review Update: Vapestick’s New ‘Cartomisers’

Watch the product demo and cartridge comparison here.

Having recently posted a written review of the Vapestick XL – Specifically of the XL Starter Kit and Charging Case, I was curious to also look at Vapestick’s new and recently announced cartridge system. Vapestick have recently adopted ‘Cartomisers’ – which, as the neologism suggests, are the marriage of a cartridge and atomiser in to a single, disposable unit. The immediate benefit of this is the consolidation of the two components, increasing value for money in terms of the acquisition of replacements whilst also removing the need to add another item to the cart when ordering online. The Vapestick in its old state (speaking of the pre-filled cartridge system) reminds me very much of the Zippo Lighter, a joy to own and use, but a creator of a slight anxiety, a minor and yet perpetual fear that one of the many components necessary to its operation may need replacing out of sync with the others, resulting in a string of frequent purchases rather than simply re-stocking. Although the Vapestick is in no way near as inconveniencing as the fickle Zippo, the fact that Vapestick have adopted the two-piece battery and cartomiser system is yet another added convenience for their clients, and can only improve upon what is already, the best electronic smoking experience I’ve enjoyed thus far. Although I was entirely impressed with the old style of Pre-Filled Cartridge (which are for a limited time, half price due to the switch) I was tempted by the prospect of increased vapour production and added cartridge longevity. I promptly ordered some in, and got straight to a comparative tasting. I’ve included a video demonstration of all of the products I’ve reviewed so far above.

Vapestick have retained their signature individual wrapping when moving over to cartomisers

The most noticeable change is in the flavour and volume of the vapour produced.  I compared 1.1% pre-filled cartridges (cherry) against 1.8% cartomisers (cherry). The cherry flavour offered by the cartomiser is fuller, more intense, and  a true pleasure. I can’t emphasize my surprise enough. Especially since I was already perfectly happy with the performance of the 3-piece system, but this is something else entirely. One cartomiser has lasted me 48 hours, compared to the 24 hour lifespan of the pre-filled cartridges, this is therefore clearly an even more enjoyable, cost effective way to use the Vapestick.

As I use the product as I write, I’m completely struck by the consistency of the cartomisers, offering the same amount of vapour each time once you’ve developed the feel for how much drawing of breath is needed to produced the desired effect.

The starter box makes an excellent storage case after you’ve extracted the charger etc.

The cartomiser is exactly the same length as the atomiser and cartridge three piece equivalent, which means that users of the old system won’t have to adjust to a new length or weight. In terms of appearance, they truly look the part and serve to help you identify your Vapestick among others. At a glance I can see whether the unit is loaded with a cherry cartomiser, or another flavour thanks to the new colour coding system, whereas before I’d have to give it a go to remind myself which flavour I was currently using on that unit.

An added benefit of the cartomiser system is, since I have four batteries, I can now have four Vapesticks on the go at once, instead of sharing my one remaining atomiser amongst the many cartridges and batteries at my disposal.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the new cartomisers sit in the V-Charging case quite snuggly, despite not being designed to accommodate them – You can place a cartomiser (filter end down) in to the free slot next to the one used for charging, and remove it again by screwing in a battery. It’s a nice little touch and feels like backwards compatibility, and will keep Vapestick’s past customers happy.

Vapestick will also be offering updated charging cases with cartomisers in mind shortly, these will be offered at a reduced cost to existing customers and will also accommodate a fully assembled unit, so as always, they’re thinking of and continuing to  look after their clients, even during a period of expansion and product line revision.



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