Sony Launch Beta Of “My Xperia” Remote Security Service

Sony Launch Beta Of “My Xperia” Remote Security ServiceSony have today announced that they are launching the beta of their My Xperia remote security service that lets users locate and protect their Xperia smartphone should it ever get lost.

In the initial beta phase the service will be limited to the Nordics with a phased rollout, followed by a global release during Q2 2013.

Users who are able to participate in the pilot will receive a notification in their Xperia when the service is available to them.

Marcin Zielinski, Sony Experience Planner described the service as:

When the unpredictable happens, “my Xperia” helps you locate your misplaced Sony smartphone and protect your personal data.

The thinking behind the app is to anticipate those unpredictable situations, where your smartphone might end up lost or misplaced – when this happens, “my Xperia” is designed to give you piece of mind by helping you a) locate and find your phone and b) ensure private info doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Users activate the app in your phone’s settings and use Google ID to sign in to to access the central interface where they can locate their smartphone on a map, make it sound an alarm to alert people nearby, and if necessary securely erase your phones data.

The service will join mobile security products such as Find My iPhone from Apple, Return My Phone and numerous Android security apps.

Source: SonyMobile

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