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Source Code Analysis Tools – Strengths and Weaknesses

Source code analysis comes handy when you have to know if your built program functions properly or not. While designing a code, you always have to make sure that it abides by the requirements of the users, and fulfils the activities it is built-up for. While writing down a code, and running it, the feedback system, and the tools through which the source code for any application is written are good enough to provide the results for the product easily. That is why; choosing a good analysis, feedback and making mechanism are the top choices of developers.

While the tools and the feedback systems provide the error free resulting, these tools also help refine the security of the software/application/code. The security flaws are thoroughly checked automatically by the tools. The confidence degree of error checking is very high as the tools are technologically advanced. Such tools are updated every now and then as well to maintain the confidence level. This is why, state of the art tools and analysis applications are used for typical and unique errors as well. That is why, analyzers trusts them and these aid their skills and expertise. That is how the degrees of efficient developers and analysts are defined in the market of software engineering and development.

Strengths of analysis tools

Such tools have both strengths and weaknesses. They are defined as:

Scaling and flexibility features enable the tools to be used with a number of programming languages and software.  They can also be repeatedly used too with software as open source programs that backup security and provide security measures too.

These tools can easily be used with program features like buffer overflow, SQL flaws in Injections etc. with huge amount of compatibility and result oriented confidence.

These tools have started to move towards the technology of IDE. This is a very important phase during the software development life cycle, and while in the process, the security is defined, the software the tools are used for can provide results with lesser security flaws, with immediate feedback systems. Nismansolutions.com is a company that has this down if you’re looking for software developers.


Now such tools may be advanced and technologically sound, still nothing is perfect and always has room for improvements. Such tools also can be improved in the future. For now, they have the generic following flaws:

Being state of the art, sometimes new and recent threats are not covered by the tools. These threats are like the authentication issues, accessing and controlling issues, cryptography, and other more. The tools nowadays used have been refined more, but you never know what security threat may come tomorrow for which the tool already made is not ready for.

There are a high number of positives falsely attached to the tools.

When the applications have the configuration issues, some tools are not meant to look for them and this causes an easy problem.

When some security threats and issues are identified, this is not sure that they are the correct ones identified. Sometimes the degree of confidence lingers on just by a thread.


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