Previously it was always the “hunter gatherers” that were the providers, the leaders of the pack. Women flocked to them. But no more, the age of the geek is here, and long overdue as any techno-savvy man will tell you!

According to research released today from computer upgrade site nearly two-thirds (59%) of women surveyed saying they most admire guys who are technically savvy and “have the ability to improve their hardware”.

This compares to a lesser 49% who love a bloke who can tinker under the car bonnet.

Clearly the men are catching on – 40% of men surveyed admitted to exaggerating their technical ability in order to impress the women, but be warned lying about your skills with your wifes new iPhone, getting caught out could leave you out in the cold.

Roddy McLean, a computer upgrade expert from Crucial said:

Heroes today are becoming more Mark Zuckerberg than Jeremy Clarkson, as our busy lives become increasingly dominated by our use of technology. Technology impacts everyone’s lives, so it’s not surprising that people wish they had a better understanding of it and how to fix or upgrade it when it doesn’t perform.

The truth is it’s not as hard, or as confusing, as people think. Upgrading the hard drive or memory in a computer may sound ‘techy’ and difficult, but it’s really easy and quick to do, if you follow the right guidance.

Admittedly, these results are based on a survey of a mere 2000 men and women, so its hardly conclusive, but a small statistical base shouldn’t stand in the way of the sudden empowerment of the alpha geek…

Source: Crucial PR