Tips For Keeping Your Online Information Safe

The home PC’s are a gateway to your personal information. Along with this extraordinary ability also comes the risks of data loss, malware dam and leaving the door open to identity theft. Always make a priority to protect your personal information by using security software that minimizes or eliminates these risks.

Internet Security

The first line of defence for any home computer setup is a good Internet firewall. A firewall allows normal flow of data to and from your computer, but blocks attacks from the outside, your PC basically hides behind a shield. Microsoft Windows 7 OS includes a software firewall that, when activated, effectively blocks out unauthorized access.

Other products include Kaspersky ONE Universal Security & Bit Defender Antivirus. This Antivirus software’s block spam email and viruses and also provide good protection for firewall. This includes protection for PCs, Macs, iOS, Android and other mobile devices in one comprehensive package. Editors rate Kaspersky TechRadar 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite of Check Point Software Technologies includes a firewall, antivirus and spyware blocker. The scanner uses proven ZoneAlarm Kaspersky Lab virus detection technology. Check Point Software Technologies offers a version of firewall ZoneAlarm only as a free download. IT Reviews praised ZoneAlarm as simple, easy to use, design and strong protection against malware.

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Malware Protection

Malware releases malicious programs on your computer and damages your files or hijack your PC to spread spam e-mail through the Web. Attackers spread malware through attractive websites, email attachments and other insidious means. Malware goes by several names especially like: spyware, adware, viruses and rootkits. A rootkit, for example, is hidden by becoming part of Windows, making it difficult to detect and eliminate. Software industry has grown in response to the threat of malware.

Two examples of excellent anti-malware software are Kaspersky ONE and Norton 360 from Symantec, these packages contain several programs that address multiple problems of malware while. Detect viruses in email attachments and downloading files and scanning malware already residing on your PC, giving you options for removing these malicious files. In addition to these features and more, Norton 360 automatically backs up the latest data, performing a task which is often overlooked but essential.


The protection of sensitive files, such as medical records and family finances require a high priority. Encryption prevents anybody from accessing this information without the correct password. The data encryption process scrambles mathematically, making sense random bits. To read the information, type a password in a program to decrypt the data to its original form. Windows 7 OS has built-in encryption capability that allows you to protect individual files and folders on your hard disk, USB drives and other media.

Parental Controls

Although people in some countries are experiencing national control, Internet disinfections, Americans continue to enjoy freedom of expression relatively through unrestricted Web. Some of the information available is not suitable for children, and you may want to protect their children from the worst the Internet has to offer. To this end, Microsoft Windows 7 software includes several parental control features. Through the I.E (Internet Explorer) browser, can become a Content Advisor that acts as a filter for Web content. A Windows control panel resources, user accounts and family safety, allows you to adjust the time your child spends on the computer.

For more sophisticated parental control and complete protection of your kids from bad influences, consider Keyware Incorporated Action Alert. This software blocks web pages, automatically filters search the web, email monitors and records the activities of video equipment and keyboard. If the program detects objectionable content comes through emails or websites, you can choose to receive alerts via text message cell phone. Action Alert issues are available in free and full-featured; you can buy the latest version for a modest fee.

Everyday practices

As your data is valuable, but easily lost due to accident, hardware problems and virus attacks, Taking backup is one of the best methods you should implement. Microsoft Windows includes backup software that copies your documents to a USB drive, second hard drive or DVD automatically or manually, depending on whether permanently connects the media, or if you connect from time to time. Web services, like Carbonite backup or Dropbox for your files over the Internet, placing their data in secure offsite storage.

Exercise healthy skepticism when reading your email, even when the messages come from known sources. For example, if you see a message on a FedEx shipment when you are not expecting a package, do not click on the attachment. Always ensure to open email attachments unless you have full confidence in the sender. Also, refrain from clicking on links embedded in these messages, as they can lead to Web pages infected by the virus.

Author bio: Hi, I’m Michelle a free-lance writer, one of my passions is to write and I have written about many topics including Technology, Finance and Travel etc. I write this article on behalf of checkmarx.com which provides online security for any kind of sensitive information for companies.


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