Virtualization: Making the switch to virtualized solutions to improve efficiency and save money

As technology evolves, companies are being able to cut costs and the amount of time spent fixing problems with servers while still having reliable infrastructures that work for their business needs. By consolidating resources, companies are able to reduce their operating costs and speed up deployment times. Previously, companies would install applications wherever they had available rack space to fit a new server. This led to an organizational nightmare, as well as having multiple data centres which complicated administrative tasks and used up more time that could be better spent elsewhere.

By using a virtual platform, companies are able to scale their resources both vertically and horizontally. It’s fully customizable so IT can add servers and storage as the business requires. The speed is also faster, being able to handle as much as 75 times more users per second while accessing the data faster. It also saves on power and cooling costs by up to 85 percent.

One company that has had great success with power solutions is RMD Wasserstrassen, a German canal engineering firm. As their servers’ life spans were coming to an end, they started looking for a long-term approach that would help with issues related to space and management. They needed a streamlined and efficient data center as they upgraded their technology. They created a virtualized environment and replaced 12 physical servers with 12 virtual ones. Now they have a scalable server infrastructure that will hold up over the long term and meet their needs. Their IT team can roll out services quickly and get their work done much faster. Storage performance was boosted, up to 30 percent faster. This enabled employee productivity to rise while costs decreased 25 percent and administration upkeep was reduced by 33 percent.

Bodart, a library solutions merchant, is another company seeing the benefits of new technology solutions. They moved to virtualized servers during a regularly scheduled refresh.They were able to accelerate the migration which reducing risk and complexity. Using an infrastructure that provides storage, servers, management tools, networking and made the deployment was a success because of the validated, pre-assembled solutions that they used. Although they thought it would take up to six months for their new set up to be working, it was up in just one week following delivery and in one month they had achieved business value. With this move they were able to reduce rack space by 25 percent and power and cooling costs by up to 40 percent. It deploys 10 times faster because they didn’t have to deal with a rack and physical server. The new application can be stages and tested and introduced 50 percent faster. Organization is also streamlined with this solution. Additionally, IT can choose virtual machines and not have to wait for hardware, which could take days, or even weeks, previously. Deploying this technology also makes it easy to administer servers, storage and networking.

ToonBox Entertainment needed a long term solution for their animated television series which places a heavy demand on servers and workstations due to the nature of their creative work. They needed something fast and configurable which also met the demands of 3D animation. Virtualization allowed the movie render farm that they use to expand rapidly offering a solution that they can easily scale up, or down. Now instead of staff spending 50 hours of time each week managing IT tasks, they can do it in just minutes and usually with little manpower required. This allows efficient use of available resources.

As seen in these three examples, virtualization can be optimized for many different applications such as mail servers, web servers, databases and gateways. Such solutions offer the best in reliability, scalability and flexibility for a full range of business needs. By making the switch to virtualized solutions IT management are able to better allocate manpower to doing vital tasks, while achieving better levels of efficiency from their technology. As well they are saving money all around, which can then be channelled into upgrading to better resources or investing in bigger and better projects.

The author works with Dell, for click here for more information on virtualization or servers


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