Vodafone Launch Their Nearly New Deals For Returned PAYG and Pay Monthly Handsets

Vodafone have launched a new way to get smartphones on contract and PAYG called Nearly New which allows handsets returned by previous customers to be sold again at a discounted rate.

All Nearly New handsets go through a strict series of checks and processes (including a full security wipe) before being placed on the scheme and are re-boxed with all the right accessories.

So these are not as good as Refurbished units that are offered from Apple for example, which have replaced outer casings, but are still quality checked and like many “open box” deals, have been returned as unwanted items.

For example, Vodafone are offering a Samsung Galaxy S III on the Nearly New scheme for free at £33/month on a 24month contract, whereas a new one would be free at £37/month

A Vodafone UK spokesperson said:

Nearly New is designed to make it even more affordable for people, especially those who prefer pay as you go services, to get their hands on a smartphone and start using the mobile internet. It is part of our ambition to get the internet into the hands of our customers. It follows the changes we have already made to the way we sell new devices – such as refurbishing our shops to focus on service and introducing our Tech Team of in-store, online and call centre technical support staff – to ensure that we help our customers get the most out of their new gadget.

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