Google And Motorola Rumored To Be Working On A Next Generation Smartphone

Last year Google bought Motorola Mobility. the company that created the first mobile phone ever. In recent years Motorola has been lagging behind the likes of Apple, Samsung, and HTC.  One might wonder why Google would choose to buy out Motorola Mobility, a company that isn’t exactly at the top of it’s game.  The answer might be in the latest device rumored to be made in this new deal.  Google has put their name on devices before, like the Nexus line of phones and tablets, but this will mark the first time that Google will be in charge of both the software and hardware of one of their phones. As of right now, none of this has been confirmed by Google, but this is pretty standard PR practice, especially for larger companies.  The phone is expected to compete with high end phones such as the iPhone and the Galaxy SIII and will run on the Android operating system.

The reason we should really care about this phone is because it may be the shape of new things to come. With new features rumoured like bendable screens, ceramic bodies, and gesture recognition. Bendable screens are a technology that has been unveiled in the past,  but as of right now, have not been incorporated in any commercially available phones.  One of the benefits of this technology is that phones with large screens (5 inches or larger) can occupy much smaller dimensions.  These type of phones can achieve this portability because the screens are able to roll up into a metal or ceramic housing  roughly the size of a match box.

In October of last year, Google acquired a company called Viewdle, a pioneer in gesture recognition and augmented reality technology.  This is expected to be included in the X phone.

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