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Review: Fish Heroes – Flinging Fish at the Shark Mafia

There are a lot of physics flingers out there, but how many involve fish? Craneballs Studios Fish Heroes takes the tired physics flinging genre made famous by Angry Birds and puts their own funky spin on it. The gameplay may be basically the same, but Fish Heroes is anything but Angry Birds.

Fish Heroes follows the tale of Mr. Puffer, Mr. Whale, and several of their fishy friends as they try to put a stop to the treacherous Shark Mafia.

You’ll use that familiar slingshot action to knock the Shark Mafia off their high horses…well, there aren’t any horses but the sharks do sit on platforms made out of wood, stone, and ice. Flinging a fish is as simple as dragging backwards; this activates a trajectory cursor and makes shooting a breeze. What makes Fish Heroes a bit different from the rest of the physics flingers is the way you view the game as you can drag your finger across the screen to rotate the view before releasing your shot.

If you’re going to name your game Fish Heroes you better be able to back it up with some powerful characters. Luckily Craneballs Studios backs up the name as you’ll get 7 heroes to play with including Barracudas, Whales, Piranhas, and Herrings. Each fish has its own unique skill – the Herring Commandoes break apart into multiple fish while the Puffer can blow like a balloon to knock things out of place. Your foes are much more common though as there are only 3 different types of sharks. They are tough and can take multiple hits at times so your best bet is to send them flying from their platform.


By the numbers Fish Heroes has a whopping 130 levels set across 5 different areas. The levels use the standard 3-star setup and there’s an unlockable map with little fish if you do well in the game. There are around 27 achievements, and a nice little fish encyclopedia that gives you a bit of info about the characters in the game. There’s also a small shop where you can buy an earthshaking power-up if you get stuck on a level or unlock all the levels in the game for instant play. That’s it for the IAP setup though as you don’t have to earn or buy tokens to progress in the game, you just have to play.

Fish Heroes is a nice little physics flinger full of charm and levels… lots and lots of levels. I enjoyed the way the game is setup as rotating the playing field allows you to bounce fish off several sharks which is something you can’t do in other games. The atmosphere of the game is great as well; the characters and music are quirky and suit the game to a tee.

The downside of Fish Heroes is the ads. While the game is free, it is ad-supported and they can definitely be annoying at times. They appear between levels randomly and some are video ads where you’ll have to click a few times to exit. It’s not a deal breaker, but I would have gladly paid 3 bucks for the game sans ads. Overall Fish Heroes is a slick game that kids or adults should enjoy and you can pick it up for free on Google Play or through the App Store.

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