Review: Super Knights Review: Grappling Hooks, Knights, and Chickens…

Physics games are a dime a dozen, but Super Knights is an Android game that proves not every idea has been done to death. Dancing Dots Studios has put together a physics-based game full of swinging knights, princesses, and chickens. Odd combination? Yes, but it works and it works very, very well…

Something fowl is afoot in the enchanted land of the Super Knights as princesses are getting kidnapped and gems have gone missing. Turns out the Evil chicken bandits are behind all the chaos and it’s up to you to stop them. As you’d expect the Super Knights aren’t your ordinary heroes. These knights are acrobatic, and while they do wear armor it doesn’t really seem to slow them down. You’ll need to be quick if you want to stay alive as Super Knights can be an unforgiving game at times. Screenshot_2013-01-31-17-17-04

The premise of Super Knights is simple. Each level is set in a castle and you’ll have to swing around using anchor points while collecting gems and avoiding danger. To swing you simply need to tap/hold the on-screen grapple button and when you’re ready to let go you do just that. The idea is to swing around the anchors collecting every like-colored coin in that area before moving on to the next one.Screenshot_2013-01-31-17-31-49

The controls may be simple, but staying alive is much easier said than done, especially when you’ve got witches, dragons, ghosts, and exploding birds coming at you from all directions. As you’re flying about you’ll notice doors opening up in the castle towers on the sides – this means trouble. So far I’ve encountered all of the above coming from those doors, and if they hit you once you’ll lose a life. If you manage to make it to the end of the level you’re given a chance to bust chicken bandits for additional points before riding off to the next level on the back of a giant chicken.super.knights

The castles may represent the levels, but you still have missions to clear if you want to unlock new knights.  Each “set” of missions requires you to complete 3 feats that can range from simply saving a few princesses to busting 40 thieving chickens or trying not to lose a life in Castle 5. You have the ability to skip any or all of them and move to the next tier, but it’s not cheap to do.  If you don’t have enough coins and just can’t clear one of the missions you can buy extras via the IAP setup. I’ve actually done it several times (rare for me) and the prices are fair if you want to buy instead of earn.Screenshot_2013-01-24-14-13-02

Your hard earned loot actually has two uses as you can skip missions or unlock knights and power-ups. There are 11 Super Knights in the game, and each has his own set of powers. Sir Berzac’s “Rocket Boost” will come in handy if you need to move quickly, but Sir Drake has been my main knight as he comes with an extra life… very useful. You can also upgrade a few abilities with your coin including your number of lives, magnet strength, and jewel worth.Screenshot_2013-01-31-17-33-06

Super Knights is an awesome little game that’s going to try your patience and test your endurance. Seriously… the time I spent trying to clear one of the coin magnet missions is more time than I’ve spent on some games from start to finish. The game does a great job of walking that fine line between fun and frustration, and it works as you’re going to have a hard time putting the game down once you pick it up. Dancing Dots Studio did a fine job making the game and I’m glad Chillingo helped get it out there. You can pick up Super Knights on Google Play or the Appstore.


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