Are Electronic Cigarettes The Best Alternative To Smoking?

Electronic cigarettes, or E-Cigs as they are commonly known, are a fairly new product on the market that have undergone plenty of controversy and scrutiny since they have appeared across the Internet in the last couple of years.

Many people who smoke tobacco and have wanted to quit, have jumped ship to try these new products in an effort to improve their health or quite smoking completely.

Are They Legal?

Here in the UK, they are legal and perhaps what appeals most to people is the fact that they are allowed inside pubs, shops, restaurants, clubs and generally in most places where your standard tobacco cigarettes have been banned over the past 5 years.

This has resulted in people moving from tobacco to electronic cigarettes in order to be able to smoke in doors.

Why Can You Smoke Indoors?

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, these gadgets don’t actually give off any smoke, the “smoke” that you see is simply a vapour that is harmless to other people that are around you. We will talk more about what the vapour consist of in the next section.

So What Are They Made From?

Many e-cigs take on the form or your standard cigarettes to give the impression that you are in-fact smoking a normal cigarette. However, when we delve into the working it’s a completely different internal setup.

Firstly, there is a cartridge inside each of these e-cigs, which can be replaced when the liquid inside has been emptied. The liquid, in most devices is made up from a solution of propylene glycol or glycerine.

The cartridge holds this liquid inside but also acts as a mouthpiece at the same time, the liquid is then passed from the cartridge to an Atomizer, the Atomizer holds the heating element that turns the liquid into a vapour.

All of this then needs to be powered, so in most electronic cigarettes you will have some kind of power source. This power source is usually in the form of a rechargeable battery, which contains an electronic airflow sensor or a power button for when you want to draw out the vapour.

Are All E-Cigs The Same?

E-cigs, such as Vype, really do vary from styles to strengths, and of course, from that so do the prices. Customers can choose cartridges that contain nicotine in a range of strengths that are similar to normal tobacco cigarettes, in which you can look at buying ultra light, light and standard.

They are somewhat more expensive that tobacco cigarettes but you don’t need to change the cartridge after every smoke.

To answer the question of whether they are better than tobacco cigarettes, it really comes down to what you personal preference and choices are, this article has been created to help highlight and enlighten you to what electronic cigarettes are, where they can be used and what they are made from.


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