Hands On With Apple’s iOS 7 Beta 5 For Developers


Before diving straight into Beta 5 I wanted to recap on the first 4 betas that Apple have pushed out for iOS7 to developers and to list the dates and changes.

Beta 1: June 11th 2013

  • Control Centre – Apart from the complete iOS overhaul and dramatic visual changes, the main implementation came from the handy control centre. The control centre can be accessed from the lock-screen or from inside your apps. Here you can quickly gain access to the camera, calculator, alarm clock, flashlight and play music.

Beta 2: June 24th 2013

  • A few weeks after the first release Beta 2 came along, and even though Beta 2 was a lot more responsive, a lot of apps would crash and some wouldn’t even open.

Beta 3: July 8th 2013

  • Style of Fonts and Icons – Beta 3 appeared to have a lot of little aesthetic changes, and proved to be more fluid and smooth compared to Beta 2.

Beta 4: July 29th 2013

Beta 4 didn’t get too long before the latest Beta 5 release was spotted. What I did notice was that the Lock Screen has been redesigned with new animations and new icons, and also the Notification Centre had a new section for uploads with the added ability to swipe left and right through Today, All and Missed.

So that is a roundup of the previous releases, so what have we seen in Beta 5?

The truth is, we are getting that one step closer to the new iPhone launch next month so Apple don’t have time on their hands to get iOS 7 polished to perfection.

Change #1

The settings section has pretty much taken a U-Turn and has gone from colourful icons, to just blue and white icons, and now the icons have been redesigned and re-coloured. Take a look at what you can expect to see in Beta 5:

Change #2

Many people in Beta4 were reporting massive issues with bugs in the Control Centre. More specifically they were seeing that some apps would have trouble functioning correctly if buttons in the app were located near the bottom of the screen (near the new control centre).

I found that the Twitter app in particular become laggy when trying to click the bottom navigation buttons, and they were unresponsive on many occasions.

Luckily with Beta 5 there is now an on and off option in which helps you to turn the control centre off when you are in an app.

I have tested this out, and it does work a treat. The Twitter buttons are now a lot more responsive and there are no issues with the control centre.

The next question on my lips, is will we see a Beta 6 or Beta 7? Or is that it until the official iOS 7 release now?

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