Keeping Your Kids Safe On The Internet

Teaching our kids how to use computers safely is an yet another job we have to perform as parents. And knowing the right balance when introducing kids to the digital world is a difficult balance to strike. Kids these days can swipe a touch screen phone or tablet like it’s second nature; they are probably the first generation to be born with this technology already surrounding them. As they grow older and starting using computers, teaching them things like the importance of strong passwords, and the dangers of online bullying is paramount. Educating them how to use technology is key.

But it’s also a worry as to how to make sure they’re staying safe online – whatever age the child. There are a lot of websites out there that we know we don’t want our kids to see, and one click on a poorly placed advert or rouge link can bring this material to them by accident. Not to mention as they good older, there curiosity may even have them searching out things we’d prefer them not to. Luckily, as parents we have tools available that can help ease our jobs, and help us feel that we don’t have to be looking over our kids shoulders every 30 seconds.

The first of these tools is computer monitoring software. Parents can install this software on the family computer and use it to keep an eye on what the computer is being used for. The software will be completely hidden to users, so they won’t know they’re being monitored. You can then log into the software when you need to and take a look at the websites that have been visited, the applications that have been used, along with a load of other things like printed documents and passwords.

The second tool is parental control software, which is perfect for parents with children of a young age. Parental control software can be installed on the family computer and will filter or block websites depending on what’s on the page. The software will scan the web page before it being shown, and if it finds any sort of adult material (gambling, alcohol, pornography, swearing etc) the software will block the site or page so kids can’t see it. Some parental control software will have a collection of tools that will help parents, like timing how much time has been spent online, and showing kids a catalogue of kids based websites to choose from.

Both of these tools can be used together to help parents keep their kids safe on the internet, and both tools can be found in abundance online. There are plenty of products to choose from, each with their own specialities, prices and features. If you want to download a free trial of parental control or computer monitoring software, Gecko Parents has both. Head to to find out more about their tools and products.

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